Welcome to Our “Home”

From day one, Harem & Company has been about fashion for everyday. It’s the kind of style that makes you feel pretty, sexy, smart, and confident, while at the same time comfortable in your own skin. Harem & Co style is trendy, authentic, well-made, and totally wearable. You’ll know it from the minute you try it on for yourself. How do we do it? Our secret is not a secret at all.

The Harem staff gives every customer the attention she deserves, backed with extensive knowledge of current contemporary clothing lines. Even more importantly, the Harem team knows their customers by name, and understands that it’s not all about the sale. Relationships matter and the whole team puts the customer’s experience first. That’s what makes shopping at Harem so fun, and what makes coming back season after season a must.

Meet Our Team

Kathi_updated_2013 Kathi Cryderman
Prudy Bone
Tina Martin
Margaret Glorfeld
Julie Schuchmann
Tammy Kirks
Kelli Stewart
Tera Johnson
 Crystal Gooch-Rollins
Mandy Hughes Mandy Hughes
Trish the Fashion Dish
Judy Bland
Lyndsey_Davenport_150 Lyndsey Davenport
Christy Hart
 Jordan Robertson
 Emily Hopkins